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Luke 5-Luke 7:23

Starting January 6-7.

The StartUp Series will run at Horizon through March at both the Equipping and Exploring Services. 

While the Equipping and Exploring Services have the same series title, StartUp: Exploring the Visionary Leadership Strategy of Jesus, they are two very distinct services. 

The StartUp Exploring Services (Sunday at 10 a.m. and 11:10 a.m.) will explore the visionary leadership strategy of Jesus and contain life application, classic and modern rock music, engaging video and an occasional interview.  

The StartUp Equipping Services (Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8: 50 a.m.) will contain verse-by-verse Bible teaching and worship music. The Equipping Service will also cover a deeper dive into exploring the visionary leadership strategy of Jesus.

What if you could get in on the ground floor of a movement that’s changing the world? Entrepreneurs dream of that sort of startup, but 80% of most new firms won’t survive their first year. The ones that do have one thing in common: a visionary leader. Jesus launched His own StartUp some 2,000 years ago; we call it the Church. And His vision was to transform the lives of all people. Join Horizon in January for a new series as we explore history’s most enduring StartUp and its recipe for lasting success.

StartUp Pathway Study Guide

StartUp Study Guide
Message Date Speaker Actions Downloads
Approach Humbly
StartUp-Equipping Luke 7:1-23
Chad Hovind
Start Trusting Marvelously
StartUp-Equipping Luke
Beth Guckenberger
Build Strongly
StartUp-Equipping Luke 6:46-49
Chad Hovind
Speak Productively
StartUp-Equipping Luke 6:43-45
Chad Hovind
See Clearly
StartUp-Equipping Luke 6:37-42
Chad Hovind
Love Supernaturally
StartUp-Equipping Luke 6:27-36
Chad Hovind
Think Eternally
StartUp-Equipping Luke 6:17-26
Doug Daily
Pray Purposefully
StartUp-Equipping Luke 6:12-16
Chad Hovind
Prioritize Thoughtfully
StartUp-Equipping Luke 5:33-6:11
Doug Daily
Look Internally
StartUp-Equipping Luke 5:12-32
Chad Hovind
Explore Spiritually
StartUp-Equipping Luke 5:1-11
Chad Hovind
Who Is Luke?
StartUp-Equipping Luke 1:1-4
Chad Hovind