Horizon is a place for you to connect, build relationships and advance in your faith journey. No matter where you are in this exploration, there are opportunities for you to meet and interact with people at your own pace.

A great way to get connected, find friends and make a difference is to serve at Horizon, serve at one of our local partner organizations, or participate in a global serving trip. Attending a workshop that takes place periodically throughout the year, covering topics such as parenting and marriage, is also a great opportunity to meet others who call Horizon home. Or, mark your calendar for an upcoming special event where you can connect with others and make some new acquaintances!

Horizon is Yours to Explore! To find ways to get involved and get connected, contact John Kirby or Emily Sandul. See contact information below.

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Contacts for all Connecting Events

Men's Connections
John Kirby

Women's Connections
Emily Sandul