The Equipping Service is aimed at followers of Christ who want to grow through a historical, applicational, deeper teaching of the Bible. Verse-by-verse scripture explanation is the cornerstone of this service, while engaging worship music triggers moments of celebration, introspection and discovery. The Equipping Service is also where we celebrate communion and experience times of reflection and corporate prayer.

  • The Equipping Service is held every Sunday at 8:30 a.m. & 9:45 a.m.
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Amos: Setting the Plumb Line

Amos 1-9

The prophet Amos voiced the Lord's frustration with the pride and arrogance of the Israelites. He used the metaphor of a plumb line to describe how out of alignment the people had become. Comfort and ego can make us selfish, too, and staying aligned to God's will requires effort and vigilance. To learn strategies for doing just that, join Horizon at the Equipping service for this verse-by-verse study of Amos.


Recognizing the Roar for Repentance

Amos 1


Through the Eyes of Amos - Narrative Sermon

Amos 1-9


Learning From Other’s Mistakes

Amos 2


Agreeing to Walk With God

Amos 3


Worshipping God With Resources

Amos 4-5


Loving People With Warnings

Amos 6


Aligning the Plumb Line

Amos 7


Challenging Your Relationship With Money

Amos 8


Trusting God for Restoration

Amos 9