The Equipping Service is aimed at followers of Christ who want to grow through a historical, applicational, deeper teaching of the Bible. Verse-by-verse scripture explanation is the cornerstone of this service, while engaging worship music triggers moments of celebration, introspection and discovery. The Equipping Service is also where we celebrate communion and experience times of reflection and corporate prayer.

  • Equipping Services are held on Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8:50 a.m.
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LUKE: Countdown to the Cross

Imagine having the opportunity to watch a live stream of Jesus Christ's final hours. The experience would be revealing, enthralling, and heart-wrenching.  The Book of Luke provides that same sort of drama -- a minute-by-minute report of Christ's final 24 hours, from Jesus' hesitant prayer in the Garden, to His arrest and excruciating death.  Join Horizon for this verse-by-verse Equipping study in LUKE: Countdown to the Cross


Listen to His Prayer

Luke 22:39-46


Watch His Arrest

Luke 22:47-53


Examine His Predictions

Luke 22:54-62


Think About His Interrogation

Luke 22:63-71


Notice His Enemies

Luke 23:1-16


Feel His Trial

Luke 23:18-25


Hear His Warnings

Luke 23:26-31


Explore His Crucifixion

Luke 23:32-43


Watch His Death

Luke 23:44-56