The Exploring Service is purposefully planned for people who might feel more at home in a theater or concert setting, where they can hear some tunes and have a bit of fun. The service uses down-to-earth teaching, upbeat music and creative media to explore relevant topics. It’s an entertaining and comfortable hour where you can explore faith, while being intellectually and spiritually challenged.

  • The Exploring Service is held every Sunday at 10:45 a.m.
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AKA: Understanding Jesus Through His Nicknames

Life brings challenges that can raise a variety of questions. How do we deal with fear, anger, discouragement, or guilt? In the first century, when the early church faced persecution, a series of letters helped guide them through troubling times. The author reminded his readers that Jesus adopts different roles to confront different circumstances. These "nicknames" are enduring reminders that Christ can help any person facing difficulty, including us. Join Horizon for a new Exploring series called A.K.A.: Understanding Jesus Through His Nicknames.

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