The Exploring Service is designed for those who are just beginning to investigate Christianity or who are recently returning to faith. The service addresses topical themes and spiritual questions relevant to everyday life such as "Who is God?" and "How can I accomplish a more meaningful and more enjoyable life?”

  • The Exploring Service is held every Sunday at 11 a.m.
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In the current age, our professional lives dominate our waking hours.  Leaders are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. Family, hobbies, and friends often take a back seat to the job.  We’re told we only have one life, and the clock is ticking. Yet when work consumes our days, we often wonder, “Is this all there is?” Jesus tells us that no, there’s more.  A lot more.  If we embrace his promise of eternal life, the focus shifts and priorities change. The possibility of endless adventure reframes our worldview.  Join Horizon for BREAKTHROUGH and explore what’s in store.  The series runs through March 24th at Horizon’s Exploring Service.