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Chad Hovind
January 14, 2018

The StartUp Series will run at Horizon through March at both the Equipping and Exploring Services. 

While the Equipping and Exploring Services have the same series title, StartUp: Exploring the Visionary Leadership Strategy of Jesus, they are two very distinct services. 

The StartUp Exploring Services (Sunday at 10 a.m. and 11:10 a.m.) will explore the visionary leadership strategy of Jesus and contain life application, classic and modern rock music, engaging video and an occasional interview.  

The StartUp Equipping Services (Saturday at 4:30 p.m. and Sunday at 8: 50 a.m.) will contain verse-by-verse Bible teaching and worship music. The Equipping Service will also cover a deeper dive into exploring the visionary leadership strategy of Jesus.

What if you could get in on the ground floor of a movement that’s changing the world? Entrepreneurs dream of that sort of startup, but 80% of most new firms won’t survive their first year. The ones that do have one thing in common: a visionary leader. Jesus launched His own StartUp some 2,000 years ago; we call it the church. And His vision was to transform the lives of all people. Join Horizon in January for a new series as we explore history’s most enduring StartUp and its recipe for lasting success.

StartUp Pathway Study Guide

StartUp Study Guide

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Think Eternally
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Prioritize Thoughtfully
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