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Acts 16:25-Acts 28

A Study of Acts

As detailed in Acts, the early Christ-followers risked life and limb to spread the good news of Jesus' victory over death. We marvel at their ability to touch everyone they could find with the infectious love of Christ amid constant persecution. How can we mirror their passion and strategy today and commit our own "epidemic acts" of evangelism?

Message Date Speaker Actions Downloads
Contagious Preaching (Acts 28)
Contagious Acts 28
Jim Coddington
Contagious Courage (Acts 27)
Contagious Acts 27
Chad Hovind
Contagious Testimony (Acts 26)
Contagious Acts 26
Chad Hovind
Contagious Insider (Acts 24-25)
Contagious Acts 24:24-25:22
Phil Charlton
Contagious Integrity (Acts 24)
Contagious Acts 24
Doug Daily
Contagious Influence (Acts 24)
Contagious Acts 24
Chad Hovind
Shocking Facts of Faith
Dr. Dean Ortner
Contagious Life Story (Acts 23)
Contagious Acts 23:1-11
Chad Hovind
Contagious Good News (Acts 21)
Contagious Acts 21:15-36
Chad Hovind
Contagious Spirit (Acts 19)
Contagious Acts 19:1-6
Kip Fanta
Contagious Conviction
Contagious Acts 21
Chad Hovind
Contagious Apprenticeship (Acts 18)
Contagious Acts 18:18-28
Phil Charlton
Contagious Boldness (Acts 18)
Contagious Acts 18:1-23
Chad Hovind
Contagious Reasoning (Acts 17)
Contagious Acts 17
Chad Hovind
Contagious Joy Acts 16
Contagious Acts 16:25-40
Kenn Kington