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Coincidental: Strategy For The Well Played Life - Equip

Esther 1-8

When circumstances collide inexplicably, should we dismiss it as mere coincidence? Or does God act as a quiet Grandmaster who's positioning us for greater purposes? The book of Esther details events that indicate He works behind the scenes to lead His people in extraordinary ways. Join Horizon for COINCIDENTAL, as we study Esther and explore which strategies can best help us capture a "well-played" life. The series begins on Sunday, January 15th.


More Than Happenstance

“Through The Eyes Of Haman”


Making Tough Choices

Esther 1


Handling Difficult People

Esther 2-3


Positioned On Purpose

Esther 4-5:8


Forgotten Acts Of Kindness

Esther 2-6


Reversing Bad Decisions

Esther 7-8

Coincidental: Pathway Guide

To complement the Coincidental Equipping and Exploring series, Horizon has created a  Pathway study guide.  If you're interested in digging deeper into each weekend’s message to help you uncover God’s unique purpose for your life, click on the button below and download a copy.  Complimentary copies are also available in the Chapel Foyer and at the Registration Desk.  Read through it at your own pace or join a group. One copy covers the entire 5–week series.