Facility Tour

The Horizon environment was built for comfort, encouraging everyone who enters to relax and feel at home. Casual weekend attire tends to be the preferred style -- a cup of coffee in one hand, a bagel in the other. Friends mingle, sharing introductions and stories; teens chat and laugh, while kids scurry and play. Newcomers are welcomed with a warm handshake, and smiling greeters kneel to meet a child at eye level.

The surroundings offer options – a bustling conversation center, a cozy coffee bar, a quiet sofa for reading, a handsome chapel for services – it’s all here, designed with you in mind. The views inside and out are striking. It was meant to be that way, designed to celebrate a great and giving God — and it’s meant to stand now and for generations to come.

Welcome to Horizon.  Located at 3950 Newtown Rd, Cincinnati, OH. 

Horizon Community Church Horizon Community Church Fountain Atrium Chapel Hearth Room Cafe Reading Area/Fireplace Student Theatre PlayLand Student Activity Area Chapel Children's Classroom First Floor Plan Second Floor Plan