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The Greatest Gift

Mark 14-Mark 16:15

We spend the season making lists of things we want, things we need, things we think will make our lives complete. But at the end of it all, only one gift will truly satisfy, and that's the one given to us when Jesus sacrificed it all on the cross. Join Horizon as we study Mark's verse-by-verse account of God's plan to provide the ultimate Christmas present. The Greatest Gift series runs at Horizon's Equipping Services through Dec. 20th.

11/14 & 15

The Sweet Smelling Messiah

Mark 14:1-11

11/21 & 22

The Passover Messiah

Mark 14:12-31

11/28 & 29

The Praying Messiah

Mark 14:32-50

12/5 & 6

The Silent Messiah

Mark 14:53-72

12/ 12 & 13

The Substitutionary Messiah

Mark 15:1-47

12/19 & 20

The Crucified Messiah

Mark 16:1-15

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The Crucified Messiah, Mark 16:1-15
The Greatest Gift
Doug Daily
The Substitutionary Messiah, Mark 15:1-47
The Greatest Gift
Chad Hovind
The Silent Messiah, Mark 14:53-72
The Greatest Gift
Johnny Pressley
The Praying Messiah, Mark 14:32-50
The Greatest Gift
Drew Thorwall
The Passover Messiah, Mark 14:12-31
The Greatest Gift
Chad Hovind
The Sweet Smelling Messiah, Mark 14:1-11
The Greatest Gift
Chad Hovind