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Seven Wonders

Throughout history, the world’s major civilizations have constructed epic structures, ambitious feats of art and architecture. The greatest of these found their way onto a list called “The Seven Wonders of the World.”  Often, these projects were created by cultures seeking to understand eternal questions about God, our purpose, good & evil, and the afterlife.  Even today, our curiosity drives us to pursue answers to the “wonders” of the world.  Join Horizon at the 11 a.m. Exploring Service for Seven Wonders, as we explore life’s timeless questions.  The series runs Sept. 17th thru Oct. 29th.

9/17/2023, Chichén Itzá: Ever Wondered Why We Wonder?

9/24/2023, Colosseum: Why Does God Permit Injustice?

10/1/2023, Christ The Redeemer Statue: Does Jesus Create Followers With Open Arms?

10/8/2023, Taj Mahal: Is It Better To Have Loved And Lost?

10/15/2023, The Great Pyramid: Can We Prepare Or Defeat Death?

10/22/2023, Machu Picchu: Aren't All Religions The Same?

10/29/2023, The Great Wall Of China: Does Christianity Build Walls Between Different Religions?

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Colosseum: Why Does God Permit Injustice?
Seven Wonders
Chad Hovind
Chichén Itzá: Ever Wonder Why We Wonder?
Seven Wonders
Chad Hovind