The Shepherd That Comforts

Isaiah's Comforter

Drew Thorwall
November 19, 2023

Many believe we first learn about Jesus in Matthew’s nativity story. But Messianic prophecies are central to the Book of Isaiah, when the Lord promises to one day bring a comforting king.  His peaceful reign stands in stark contrast to the oppressive dictators of that era. Those rulers promoted sin and idolatry, leading numerous Jews away from God. Isaiah urges them to repent and avoid God's corrective measures, all while reassuring them that His mercy is available to all. Come join Horizon at the Equipping Services as we learn about Isaiah's Comforter and the enduring truths of grace and peace.

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Songs This Sunday

  • Everlasting God: Bethel Church
  • Shout To The Lord: Lincoln Brewster
  • I Speak Jesus: Charity Gayle

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