Fast Track

We are all busy, very busy.

We may have heard that the Bible is the best-selling book of all time. Even if we own a Bible, few of us actually read it. Those of us who do aren't always sure where to start. If only there was an easy-to-digest study that summarized the main characters, the plot, and the culmination in a way that was fast, fun, and understandable … something that you could read on a flight, at your child's soccer practice, or while bored in study hall.

The goal of Fast Track is to introduce the entire Bible quickly, in a format that can be read in one sitting. We'll whisk you through the main ideas of scripture in a way that is meant to be fun, memorable, and easy to follow. We hope that once you've read it, you will be intrigued enough, and have the confidence, to pick up the Bible itself and read the details for yourself. Click on the file below to access a copy of Fast Track.