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A Pathway Through Numbers

Get Equipped! We want to help each other connect to God through the Bible and other people who are following Jesus. That’s why we’ve designed the Pathway to help you get the most out of the weekend’s Equipping message.

What is it? The weekly Pathway Guide and video will equip you to dig deeper into the Bible and to know God better through His Word. The video provides insight to kick-start your study, while the guide offers questions and discussion starters for any setting.

How to use it: Designed to be customizable, you can use the Pathway with a group, one-on-one over coffee with a friend or family member, or even on your own. "Explore" how God’s Word relates to you. "Dig Deeper" into how it fits into the big picture of the Bible, and discover ways to "Try It" for yourself!

Message Date Speaker Actions Downloads
A Pathway Through Numbers 5 and 6
A Pathway Through Numbers
Drew Thorwall
A Pathway Through Numbers 1 through 4
A Pathway Through Numbers
Chad Hovind