Horizon Women Present... The Good in the Hard: Six Lessons Learned During the Challenges of Life

Horizon Women Present...

Beth Guckenberger
November 8, 2018

Most, if not all of us, have faced difficult times in our lives. We may also have walked alongside a family member or friend who was in the midst of a tough season in their life.

Join Beth Guckenberger as she vulnerably shares a “hard story” she experienced in her life in hopes it will teach, help and inspire you. Learn how Beth, when facing some of her darkest hours, experienced growth, connection, gratefulness and maturity, which in her words, “Made it all worth it.” Beth will share the following six lessons she learned and explain how you, too, can apply them to your life and share them with others.

  • People Matter
  • Gratefulness Changes Everything
  • Vulnerability Is Maturity
  • Rest Is a Choice
  • Nothing Is Wasted
  • Pain Develops Empathy

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