Arranging My Priorities

In Tune: Words In The Key Of Life

Adam Dressler
July 18, 2021

When musicians perform, they often rely on sheet music to guide them. It keeps them in sync with other players and allows them to repeat their performances time and again. Devices like metronomes and tuning forks help them play with excellence. Just like a musician knows when a note is off-key, we can sense when life is out of sorts. If we're at odds with a family member or struggling to find purpose, it's as if we've lost our rhythm or hit the wrong note. Scripture offers us a guide for living, and like a conductor leading a large orchestra, God's words can make life harmonious again. Join Horizon at the Exploring Service for In Tune: Words in the Key of Life.

Song Titles This Sunday:

  • Getting In Tune by The Who 
  • Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me by Elton John 

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