Group Media

Horizon offers groups, with varying topics and curriculum, to help you grow spiritually and also build relationships.  Horizon periodically records group sessions. Those group sessions that have been recorded are available to listen to by clicking Audio or Listen.

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Evidence of Your Unique Design Part 2
Doug Daily February 06, 2018
Evidence of Your Unique Design Part 1
Doug Daily January 30, 2018
Your Unique Design
Doug Daily January 23, 2018
One of History's Best, Great Adventurer's!
Doug Daily December 12, 2017
Being Advised of Adventure Busters, Part 2
Doug Daily December 05, 2017
Being Advised of Adventure Busters, Part 1
Doug Daily November 28, 2017
Refocusing My Life for Adventure
Doug Daily November 21, 2017
Every Man's Adventure With Eternity
Doug Daily November 14, 2017
Taking the Great Adventure Out of This World
Doug Daily November 07, 2017
The Adventurer's Sacred Oath
Doug Daily October 31, 2017
The Adventurer's "Wiring"
Doug Daily October 24, 2017
Pausing to Process
Doug Daily October 17, 2017
Questions Every Adventurer Must Face
Doug Daily October 10, 2017
Starting The Great Adventure
Doug Daily October 03, 2017
Horizon Women Present - Samson & Delilah
Series: Horizon Women Present... Samson & Delilah
Chad Hovind June 08, 2017