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Dealing with Detours, Disappointments and Downturns

Life is full of disappointments and detours. If the road you’re traveling is unexpected or you’re struggling to reconcile a new reality with dashed dreams, take heart. Horizon's Exploring series, Unfinished, will reveal new options for the road ahead, where life's unfinished work can be replaced with hope for a better outcome. The Unfinished series runs Oct. 20th through Nov. 17th, 2013.

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Unfinished Suffering
Series: Unfinished
Chad Hovind November 17, 2013
Unfinished Faith
Series: Unfinished
Kenn Kington November 10, 2013
Unfinished Perspective
Series: Unfinished
Chad Hovind November 03, 2013
Unfinished Parenting
Series: Unfinished
Doug Daily October 27, 2013
Unfinished Dreams
Series: Unfinished
Chad Hovind October 20, 2013