The Authentic Manhood Series: A Man and His Story

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The Authentic Manhood Series: A Man and His Story

Understand and come to grips with the  defining moments  and key relationships that have shaped your unique “story.”

Men are invited to join Kenn Kington as he leads this 6-session Authentic Manhood Series entitled: A Man and His Story.

  • Learn from your past.
  • Come alive in your present.
  • Enjoy God’s best and prepare for your future. 

Kenn Kington is one of Horizon’s favorite guest speakers and we’re pleased to welcome him back as he leads another Authentic Manhood Series. When you hear Kenn, rest assured you will be entertained, encouraged, challenged and inspired. He is a comedian and motivational speaker who has spoken at hundreds of companies giving amazing focus in the midst of change. Kenn has written two bestselling books on relationships and records a regular radio show/podcast that inspires thousands to experience life to the fullest. For more information about Kenn, visit his website at

Each session stands alone and is ideal for men with busy travel schedules. Please attend as many sessions as your schedule allows; either Sunday evenings or Monday mornings. 

Session 1: Looking Back, Mon., 2/11 

Session 2: Dad, Mon., 2/18

Session 3: Mom, Mon., 2/25

Session 4: Healing, Mon., 3/4

Session 5: All-Alone, Mon., 3/11

Session 6: Heart, Mon., 3/18

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Looking Back
Kenn Kington February 10, 2019
Kenn Kington February 18, 2019
Kenn Kington February 25, 2019
Kenn Kington March 04, 2019
Kenn Kington March 11, 2019