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Overcoming The Grumbling

Numbers 11-13

A Numbers Study

We live in one of the most prosperous nations on earth, and are blessed with incredible conveniences and high-tech comforts. Yet with all that, we still find reasons to complain. Why do we tend to be filled with grumbling instead of gratitude? The book of Numbers shows that the tendency isn't new. God used a 40-year time of wandering to teach his people to value prayer over grumbling, and those lessons are still relevant. Join Horizon for Overcoming the Grumbling, a Numbers study, running June 9th thru June 30th at the 8:50 Equipping Service.

June 9: “Complaining About Better Days” (Numbers 11:1-20)
June 16: “Complaining About Food” (Numbers 11:21-30)
June 23: “Complaining About Authorities” (Numbers 12)
June 30: “Complaining About Giants” (Numbers 13)

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Complaining About Giants Numbers 13
Series: Overcoming The Grumbling
Adam Dressler June 30, 2013
Complaining About Authorities Numbers 12
Series: Overcoming The Grumbling
Chad Hovind June 23, 2013
Complaining About Food Numbers 11
Series: Overcoming The Grumbling
Chad Hovind June 16, 2013
Complaining About Better Days Numbers 11:1-20
Series: Overcoming The Grumbling
Chad Hovind June 09, 2013