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Taking a Giant Leap in Life

The new year is a great launching pad for embracing change. But just like a space capsule needs the boost of a rocket to propel it, we often need a community of friends to help us reach new heights in our family, our work, and our relationship with God. Boldly go where you've never been and take a giant leap toward lasting change. Join Horizon for LAUNCH, a new series running Jan. 6-27, 2013 at Horizon's Exploring Services.

1/06 - Preparing for Lift-Off
1/13 - Connecting to Ground Control
1/20 - Stepping into the Mission
1/27 - Having the Right Stuff

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Having the Right Stuff
Doug Daily January 27, 2013
Stepping into the Mission
Chad Hovind January 20, 2013
Connecting to Ground Control
Chad Hovind January 13, 2013
Preparing for Lift-Off
Chad Hovind January 06, 2013