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We all face intellectual obstacles that stand between us and faith. For some, the hurdles firmly block the path. For others, the hurdle is behind us, but since we barely cleared it, we're hesitant to live out what we believe.  Investigating life's toughest questions is an essential part of any spiritual journey. If you're ready for the challenge, join Horizon and leap the HURDLES in a new Exploring series starting Sept. 7th.

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Isn't Evolution a Solution?
Series: Hurdles
Senator Mark Green October 12, 2014
Isn't There an Unforgivable Act?
Series: Hurdles
Chad Hovind October 05, 2014
Isn't Evil a Problem?
Series: Hurdles
Drew Thorwall September 28, 2014
Isn't God Unfairly Judgmental?
Series: Hurdles
Chad Hovind September 21, 2014
Isn't God Oppressive?
Series: Hurdles
Chad Hovind September 14, 2014
Isn't God Unscientific?
Series: Hurdles
Chad Hovind September 07, 2014