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Growth Curve

Wouldn't it be nice to have an executive coach to map out a spiritual strategic plan? Paul plays the role of "coach" to his apostles, Philemon and Titus, teaching them and the church how to live out the gospel in everyday life. Jude, another faith coach of the early church, offers warnings to his disciples about what happens when growth is stunted. By studying their writings, we can learn how to maximize our own leadership potential to impact the church and our world. Join Horizon for Growth Curve: Partnering with God and Others, a 9:15 series running July 11th through Aug. 15th.

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Don't Become the Wolf (Jude 1:16-24)
Series: Growth Curve
Chad Hovind August 15, 2010
Beware the Wolf (Jude 1:1-15)
Series: Growth Curve
Chad Hovind August 08, 2010
Do Good (Titus 3)
Series: Growth Curve
Kenn Kington August 01, 2010
Don't Quit, Keep Playing (Titus 2)
Series: Growth Curve
Tom McKittrick July 25, 2010
Going the Right Way (Titus 1)
Series: Growth Curve
Phil Charlton July 18, 2010
Book of Philemon
Series: Growth Curve
Adam Dressler July 11, 2010