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Christmas Wishes

When we were kids, Christmas promised endless possibilities. Excitement flowed from our crayons as we wrote our ambitious wish lists. The holiday season offers a nostalgic glimpse back at that simpler time. As adults, our longings are deeper, but we still look to Christmas as a chance to embrace a life of laughter, gratitude, and generosity. Join Horizon for Christmas Wishes, a series that will help us focus on the best gift of all -- the Christ child -- and the expectant joy that follows his arrival. The series runs Nov. 20th through Dec. 18th, 2011.

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Glorious Gifts
Series: Christmas Wishes
Kenn Kington December 18, 2011
Gracious Generosity
Series: Christmas Wishes
Chad Hovind December 04, 2011
Lasting Laughter
Series: Christmas Wishes
Chad Hovind November 27, 2011
Gallant Gratitude
Series: Christmas Wishes
Chad Hovind November 20, 2011