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Change The World

The Domino Effect of Leadership

When one person finds peace, purpose, and a newfound connection with God, a chain reaction occurs that can radically reinvent their life, their family, the community and even the world. Come discover how faith shaped a diehard agnostic, an American president, Hitler’s most dangerous enemy, an FBI informant, and an Executive whose vision just might end world hunger. The series runs March 17th through April 21st, 2013 at Horizon’s 10:00 & 11:10 Exploring Services.

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Businessman Combats Hunger
Series: Change The World
Chad Hovind April 21, 2013
General Leads Revolution
Series: Change The World
Peter Lillback April 14, 2013
Informant Uncovers Corruption
Series: Change The World
Mark Whitacre April 07, 2013
Blacksmith Forges Masterpiece
Series: Change The World
Chad Hovind March 31, 2013
A Pacifist Fights Hitler
Series: Change The World
Chad Hovind March 24, 2013
An Agnostic Erases Doubt
Series: Change The World
Josh McDowell March 17, 2013