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100: Authentic Wisdom from America's Centenarians

Those who defy the odds and live past age 100 have a treasury of experiences to share - and we can all be richer, wiser, and more joyful when we hear and embrace their advice. 100 is the distilled essence of over 5,000 combined years of perspective, wit and insight from the oldest living Americans. Join us at Horizon for 100: Authentic Wisdom from America's Centenarians, running through Oct. 13th at the 10:00/11:10 Exploring Services
09/22/13 "A Life of Wisdom" Steve Franklin
09/29/13 "A Life of Courage" Chad Hovind
10/06/13 "A Life of Success" Doug Daily
10/13/13 "A Life of Legacy" Chad Hovind

Steve Franklin Dr. Steve Franklin is an author, educator, speaker and businessman. He is the author of Celebrate 100: Centenarian Secrets to Success in Business and Life, which distills the essence of over 5000 combined years of wisdom, wit, insight, perspective and advice about life from over 500 people, 100 years or older. Each who have lived life with determination, resolve and excellence. He has co-authored business textbooks and has written numerous articles. Steve has also appeared on dozens of radio and television programs and consulted and delivered hundreds of keynote speeches to major organizations. His goal is to live 120 years healthy, wealthy, and wise with his incredible wife, Elaine.

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A Life of Legacy
Series: 100
Chad Hovind October 13, 2013
A Life of Success
Series: 100
Doug Daily October 06, 2013
A Life of Courage
Series: 100
Chad Hovind September 29, 2013
A Life Of Wisdom
Series: 100
Steve Franklin September 22, 2013