Visual Aids: Ezekiel's Teaching Style

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Visual Aids: Ezekiel's Teaching Style

Ezekiel 1-19

The Prophet Ezekiel came on the scene at a time when the Israelites were adrift, and he brought vivid warnings of the dangers of rebellion. A master communicator, Ezekiel used a variety of creative object lessons to communicate the passion and purity of God. Even today, Ezekiel's VISUAL AIDS offer a three-dimensional guide for deepening your relationship with God. Join Horizon for this verse-by-verse study of Ezekiel, beginning on Aug. 6-7th at the Equipping Services.

Aug 6-7


Book of Ezekiel

Aug. 13-14

An Eaten Scroll

Ezekiel 2-3:15

Aug. 20-21

A Four Wheeler

Ezekiel 1

Aug. 27-28

Green Army Men

Ezekiel 3:16-4:17

Sept. 3-4

God’s Barber Shop

Ezekiel 5

Sept. 10-11

Pound Your Fists and Stomp Your Feet

Ezekiel 6-7

Sept. 17-18

Digging in the Wall and the Battle Axe

Ezekiel 8-9

Sept. 24-25

Fiery Coals and Cooking Meat

Ezekiel 10-11

Oct. 1-2

The Wall and the Knapsack

Ezekiel 12

Oct. 8-9

Cheap Concrete

Ezekiel 13

Oct. 15-16

Four Judgments

Ezekiel 14


A Burnt Vine and Nativity

Ezekiel 15-16:14

Oct. 29-30

A Dysfunctional Family

Ezekiel 16:15-63

Nov. 5-6

Eagles and Vines

Ezekiel 17

Nov. 12-13

No More Sour Grapes

Ezekiel 18

Nov. 19-20

A Momma Lion

Ezekiel 19

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Ezekiel Narrative Drama
Chad Hovind August 07, 2016
An Eaten Scroll, Ezekiel 2:3-15
Chad Hovind August 14, 2016
A Four Wheeler, Ezekiel 1
Doug Daily August 21, 2016
Green Army Men, Ezekiel 3:16-4
Chad Hovind August 28, 2016
God’s Barber Shop, Ezekiel 5
Chad Hovind September 04, 2016
Pound Your Fists And Stomp Your Feet, Ezekiel 6-7
Doug Daily September 11, 2016
Digging In The Wall and The Battle Axe, Ezekiel 8-9
Chad Hovind September 18, 2016
Fiery Coals And Cooking Meat, Ezekiel 10-11
Chad Hovind September 25, 2016
The Wall And The Knapsack, Ezekiel 12
Drew Thorwall October 02, 2016
Cheap Concrete, Ezekiel 13
Chad Hovind October 09, 2016
Four Judgments, Ezekiel 14
Drew Thorwall October 16, 2016
A Burnt Vine And Nativity, Ezekiel 15-16:14
Chad Hovind October 23, 2016
A Dysfunctional Family, Ezekiel 16:15-63
Doug Daily October 30, 2016
Eagles And Vines, Ezekiel 17
Chad Hovind November 06, 2016
No More Sour Grapes, Ezekiel 18
Harry Shields November 13, 2016
A Momma Lion, Ezekiel 19
Chad Hovind November 20, 2016