Clear and Present Danger

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Clear and Present Danger

Titus 1-3

In the early days of Christianity, churches faced persecution, controversy, and misinformation. They often looked to the Apostle Paul for strategic advice as they battled for survival, and his letter to Titus offers some of the best examples of his practical leadership. Paul's timeless wisdom can provide clarity even now, especially for those who lead organizations and mobilize people. Join Horizon for Clear & Present Danger, an Equipping series going verse by verse through the Book of Titus.


Zealous for Good Works

Overview of Titus


Leadership Matters

Titus 1:5-9


Boundaries Matter

Titus 1:10-16


Doctrine Matters

Titus 2:1-10


Grace Matters

Titus 2:11-15


Kindness Matters

Titus 3:1-7


Good Works Matter

Titus 3:8-11

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Zealous For Good Works, Overview of Titus
Chad Hovind May 15, 2016
Leadership Matters, Titus 1:5-9
Harry Shields May 22, 2016
Boundaries Matter, Titus 1:10-16
Chad Hovind May 29, 2016
Doctrine Matters, Titus 2:1-10
Carl Sutter June 05, 2016
Grace Matters, Titus 2:11-15
Chad Hovind June 12, 2016
Kindness Matters, Titus 3:1-7
Chad Hovind June 19, 2016
Good Works Matter, Titus 3:8-11
Drew Thorwall June 26, 2016