Start With the Heart: Passing Your Values to Your Children

Sunday, October 20
11:10 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.

Starting With the Heart is all about changing what children believe in order to change their behavior. And learning to use this kind of motivation takes effort, consistency, and strategy, but it works. And it's never too late! If you're willing to commit to a little hard work up front, you'll enjoy your kids, your life, and yourself much more when you learn to start with the heart. Dr. Kathy Koch will teach you proven strategies for training your child's heart and parenting in a way that honors God.

Event Details

Date: Sunday, October 20
Time: 11:10a.m. – 12:10p.m.
Location: Horizon Community Church
Map It3950 Newtown Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244
Speaker: Dr. Kathy Koch
Contact: Terry Larson

513 272-5800