The Exploring Service is purposefully planned for people who might feel more at home in a theater or concert setting, where they can hear some tunes and have a bit of fun. The service uses down-to-earth teaching, upbeat music and creative media to explore relevant topics. It’s an entertaining and comfortable hour where you can explore faith, while being intellectually and spiritually challenged.

  • Exploring Services are held on Sunday at 10 a.m. & 11:10 a.m.
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EPIC: Your Role in God's Adventure

We've grown dull toward our world -- desensitized to its potential. But we weren't made for a quiet and boring existence. God created us for adventure, and He challenges us to be a part of His bold and enduring plan. Imagine your life the way it was intended: as a character in an ancient adventure so exciting it crackles with energy and purpose. Be a part of the EPIC that's unreeling at Horizon. The series runs Sundays at the Exploring Services beginning July 2nd.