Child Dedication

The next Child Dedication Service will be held on Sunday, Oct. 8th from 4p.m.-6p.m.

Horizon is committed to serving parents, families and children in the development and growth of their Christian faith. As a part of that commitment, the church holds events throughout the year meant to memorialize important decisions in the lives of those who call Horizon home. Periodically throughout the year Horizon will celebrate a Child Dedication.

Horizon believes that parents dedicate their children to God and at the same time commit themselves to raising children in a home that loves and honors Jesus Christ. The church commits to partner with the parents in that effort. We believe baptism, however, is for an older child, teenager or adult who, on their own, makes a decision to accept and obey Christ as Forgiver and Leader. We believe the service will be a powerful and memorable life event for you and your child.

If you'd like to speak to someone or inquire about participating in a Child Dedication Service, email Ryan Ventura or phone at 513 272-5800.