June 7-13, 2019

Why Cancun?

About the Trip

High school students from Horizon are partnering with Back2Back Ministries to build relationships with several children’s homes and some families in need in Cancun, Mexico.

While there, the group members will do a variety of activities to bring “care for today and hope for tomorrow” to the people of Cancun. Projects will include construction and maintenance tasks, with time for activities, sports and games with the children in Cancun. We will also have time together to build relationships, meet in groups, and debrief our days.


Lodging is comfortable and pleasant, with the group staying in a very nice house in a safe neighborhood. We will sleep in twin beds in a dormitory setting, sharing bathrooms. There is a pool, so bring your swimsuits! Delicious food and safe drinking water are provided.

Cost of the Trip

All-inclusive cost is still to be determined, based on airfare expense at the time of booking. We estimate a total cost of approximately $1400, and because space is limited there will be a $100 deposit due upon registration. Payment is a tax-deductible contribution and includes airfare, meals, lodging, and transportation. Help is available for those wishing to raise support from friends and family.

An Overview of What to Take

  • Weather will be warm -- with an estimated high in the 8O’s, so pack casual warm-weather clothes and comfortable shoes. 
  • Everyone takes a personal backpack and water bottle to use when we go to the children’s homes.
  • Make sure you have a valid passport NOW. You will have time to get it back by mail if you act now.
  • The team will undertake a number of construction projects. Please pack work clothes and closed toe shoes or boots that you don’t mind getting dirty

Parents who are interested in being a chaperone are to contact Ryan Ventura at or 513 272-5800, ext. 223. 

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